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American Rescue Workers

Who We Are

Since 1934 the American Rescue Workers- Williamsport Corps has operated; preaching the Gospel while simultaneously undertaking the duty of uplifting the destitute by providing emergency assistance to any person in need through programs, shelters, and social services.  Funding these operations is a huge undertaking, however through generous donations of clothing, household items, electronics, appliances, volunteerism and money, a vast percentage of the program costs can be covered.

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What We Do

The American Rescue Workers, founded in 1884, is a church/nonprofit national organization operated on a quasi-military pattern and is a branch of the evangelical Christian church. The Williamsport Corps is a part of the national organization whose headquarters is also located in Williamsport. The collective mission of the American Rescue Workers is to give spiritual and material aid to those in need; to be a means for PEOPLE HELPING PEOPLE.