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LyConnections #1

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Feb 11, 2015
by Community Service Center Staff


LyConnections     February 10, 2015




This is the first in a series of posts that will highlight what's going on in Community Service at Lycoming College.  Future editions will highlight groups, individuals and agencies that are making a difference in the Lycoming and Williamsport Communities.   


In today's issue, we will focus on the very resource on which you're reading the blog: Get Connected! 

Many of you have already started using Get Connected when it started last semester.  But if you haven't, it's very simple to use!  


Getting a profile couldn't be simpler.  Go to click "login/join" and choose the Students/Faculty/Staff option of signing in.  You can use your Lycoming College sign-in credentials (your email name up to but not including the "@" and your password).  After that, just add some additional information, and you're in!


"But why should I create a profile?"


The answer is simple.  Getting on "Get Connected" helps you get, well … more connected!    


Whether you're looking for service opportunities for your fraternity/sorority, student organization, or your own professional and personal development, Get Connected is the best place to find them!  You can find lots of local agencies and scroll through the opportunities that need more immediate attention.  Needs can even be grouped by category for faster searching - a list of organization services (on the right-hand side of the page) helps you easily and quickly figure out the agencies that match your interest. You can also filter agencies and opportunities by distance.  There are over 20 community organizations currently listed, and that list is still growing!  And if you personalize your profile with your service interests, Get Connected can help agencies find you just as easily! 


Learn what's out there!


One click on an agency's title grants access to lots of basic information such as a brief history, mission, volunteer opportunies, and sometimes even pictures! Contact information is also included. If you are particularly interested in any agency, then click on "become a fan". By doing so, you will get a regular update of volunteer work and events of your favorite agency.


Finally, another great reason for getting a Get Connected profile is to track your hours.  But, that probably raises another question for some of you:


"Why should I track my hours?"


If you're doing great service work, it's good to keep a record of it.  Here's why:


  • If you track your hours, Get Connected will be able to print out an official looking "Volunteer Resume" that can be used when applying for jobs, internships, and grad school! 

  • Keeping track of your hours helps us identify you when we're looking for candidates for opportunities like internships, scholarships, and year-end awards. 

  • Knowing how many hours our students are volunteering and how often they're doing it helps the Community Service Center know how well we're doing our job. 


To track hours, click on "My Profile" and click on "Track Your Hours". 


You can add hours for opportunities you've already signed up for or you can click on "Add Individual Volunteer Hours" to document hours for projects not listed on the site.  When you need to document your service, just print a volunteer resume for the desired year or years. 



We are looking forward for you to get on and explore the site. We hope it will inspire you to get out and volunteer wither within a student organization or around the community!